While doing R&D we discovered that the addition of salt into an experimental rubber compound resulted in the development of our proprietary salt-leached rubber. This allowed us to develop the world’s first pre-inked stamp, the Xstamper ®.

Recognized the world over for unsurpassed quality and innovation, we stand behind every Xstamper ® with a lifetime guarantee.

Our precision laser-cut proprietary rubber results in the sharpest, most crisp impressions possible for detailed images.

The pre-inked Xstamper ® eliminates the messy stamp pads used in inferior self-inking stamps.

Featured on the TV series "World's Greatest!...", the Xstamper is the premier, pre-inked stamp, assembled by expert stamp-makers to your exact needs.

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Industry Profile: Roanoke Custom Products

Roanoke Custom Products began as two businesses which were merged in 1958. Roanoke Stamp & Seal was started in 1917 while Freeman & Freeman Manufacturing began in 1943. The Freeman shop found themselves purchasing many stamps to support their belt and button business. A brief negotiation with Roanoke Stamp led the Freemans to begin making their own stamps which expanded their business enough to combine forces with a new manager. This led to Freeman & Via Stamp Company in 1954. Four years later they purchased Roanoke Stamp & Seal and merged their energy and knowledge under the more established business name.

The business continued to grow out of available space and settled into the current location in 1980 with an initial 6,000 square feet facility. The building has been expanded twice to it's current 18,000 feet consisting of design, assembly, manufacturing and custom fabrications.

The Freeman family have been actively involved with the marking industry throughout the course of the business gaining a reputation for knowledge and insight. This understanding of the industry led Roanoke Stamp to an early distribution relationship with Xstamper in the mid 1970s. The addition of on-site laser engraving allowed Roanoke Stamp to step into the role as a manufacturing partner with Xstamper offering a catalog of customized, pre-inked stamps with design, assembly and shipping under one roof in the Roanoke facility.

With the additions, modernized equipment and addition of custom signs and badges to the expanded stamp products, Roanoke Stamp & Seal changed to Roanoke Custom Products in 2017 to reflect the expanded business inventory. The name change coincided with the 100 year anniversary while looking to future growth in customized products.

As Roanoke Custom Products, Greg and Frank Freeman are looking well into the future with laser technology, computer graphic design, lean principles of manufacturing and skilled personal working together to uphold the customer service that led Roanoke Stamp & Seal into the 21st century.
Roanoke Stamp in the early 1920s.
Industrial Stamps by Xstamper
Make your mark almost anywhere with these pre-inked industrial stamps from Xstamper ® .

Our proprietary ink formulation is fast drying, permanent and water-resistant when fully cured.

Uniquely designed caps are engineered to minimize ink from drying out, extending the functional life of the stamp.

These stamps are ideal for marking any slick or hard to mark surface such as metal, glass, plastic, leather, glossy paper, etc.

All our industrial stamps are RoHS compliant.

Check out our full line of industrial products .

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