High-speed cutting-edge laser engraving technology Enclosed optics require minimum maintenance Use with rubber, plastic, glass, leather, acrylic, wood and stone Includes license to manufacture Xstamper® pre-inked stamps Standard Features: H Air assist including compressor H Ideal for engraving, vector cutting and marking H Large diameter silicon mirrors 1” (25.4mm) provide easy laser adjustment H Automated dust cleaning mode helps clear the material surface after engraving H Fixed flat table consists of vacuum holes and provides high-quality edge to edge engraving H Covered 1.5” lens and enclosed silicon mirrors provide excellent barriers against dust and debris H One-year warranty on all parts and labor, followed by complimentary annual maintenance visits
Optional Accessories: H Honeycomb cutting table H 2” lens H Rotary attachment (available soon)
Overall dimensions (WxDxH) Weight Working area Maximum work area (WxDxH) Maximum table weight capacity 45“ x 34“ x 38“ (1140mm x 863 mm x 950mm) 440 lbs (200 kg) 29“ x 17“ (738mm x 432mm) 30.5“ x 18.7“ x 9.8“ (775mm x 475mm x 250mm) 44 lbs (20 kg)
Maximum processing speed Laser Electricity Ambient temperature Humidity Xstamper rubber engraving times 47.2 inch/sec (1200mm/sec) 70W Air-cooled CO2 (80W Shachihata’s tested data) Single phase 100-120V / 60Hz / 20A 59°F to 77°F (+15°C to +25°C) 40% to a maximum of 70%, non-condensing 19 min. to engrave one 4.7” x 5.9” (120mm x 150mm) sheet. 15 min. per sheet when engraving six sheets. Maximum: 12 sheets


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